Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christen, Dan, Jay, Terersa and Greg Complete Senior Presentations

Christen, Dan, Jay, Terersa und Greg -- Wir sind soltz auf euch!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

German Majors and Minors 2011

John Boston

Mario Camara Rebolledo

John Chambers

Lauren Maertz "I am studying German because the history, culture, and language are all very interesting."

Angela Mehr "I chose to become a German major because being able to speak and understand another language/culture is the most incredible way to feel in touch with the entire world."

Grace Mevissen

Chris Pignato

Justin Bork

Maren Gotschnik   


Amanda Buchner

Kelly Fladebo

Katie Jedlicka

Kathleen Omerza

Jerrod Eppen

Tyler Kinsella

Cooper Lund

Joe Meyer

Matt Meyer

Justin Moehle

Chris Seiler

German Majors and Minors 2010

Dear Seniors in German, 
We are so proud of all the energy and enthusiasm you have put into your German courses.  May your futures be full of wonderful German/Austrian/Swiss experiences -- and we hope you will come back to visit us often!

Chris Beckstrand "Studying German helps me stay engaged in the global community!"

Dan Salay

Greg Sandquist

Jessica Hillebrand "I am happy to immerse myself into the culture of my ancestors and become fluent in a second language."

Nicholas Kroll

Matt Beck

Jay Ranfranz "I became a German major because I wanted to become familiar with the culture of my ancestors."

Joe Reinhardt "I take German to study the culture of Germans and my own ancestry."

Benjamin Trnka

Teresa Walch "I have a passion for German language, history and culture, and I love being able to converse with a society that is different fom my own."


Amanda Buchner

Amy Durheim

Carolyn Haupert

Cooper Lund

Hannah Lammer

Jenn Tong

Jerrod Eppen

Joe Carr

Joe Meyer

Justin Moehle

Karen Wheeler

Kevin Springer

Matt Meyer

Megan Van Loh

Rachel Sinnen

Tyler Kinsella